The New Recruit

Often Malcolm has been asked to become part of a multi-day function – be it a corporate sponsored event, a trade show, or a conference.

He has joined the company staff on this event as a new member of staff, ready to start work next month but the bosses have decided that this will be an excellent way for him to "break the ice" with his soon-to-be colleagues.

Malcolm will often fully immerse himself into this role, playing a vital role in subtly assisting communication skills between colleagues, helping breathe fresh air into an otherwise stale environment, and generally perking up the group with his enthusiasm and interest in the modules which are presented.

Again his memory skills can be utilised, either to help the other members of the team, or indeed as an "unwilling" participant in front of the rest of the group.

This, once again, is a very subtle use of Malcolm's skills. But one which many companies have harnessed and used to increase the effectiveness of their event.

For more info or to discuss a booking please contact Malcolm by calling 07958 358 279 or by emailing