The Team Builder

Malcolm's "people person" skills have been utilised by many top companies in their field to act purely as a catalyst during team building weekends, conference seminars, and so forth

  1. He goes "undercover" as a new colleague, or
  2. presents a particular topic as one of the presenters.

Within his role within the group, his uniquely affable personality is able to put people at ease, helping to break the ice, and from there to continue acting as a conduit, generating interest throughout the module.

This may seem a simple enough role, but - as anyone who has been involved in these types of initiative will know - getting everyone feeling comfortable around each other is vital to the success of the event. With everyone feeling relaxed and being part of a team, the goal of the function is far easier to reach and realise.

With the added capacity of Malcolm's astounding memory skills, he can fully absorb himself into his role. Indeed he has "bluffed" his way as anything from a marketing executive to a steel industry specialist, both as presenter and participant.

The benefits to any company of using Malcolm's skills has become clear to everyone who has used him.

For more info or to discuss a booking please contact Malcolm by calling 07958 358 279 or by emailing