The Big Speech
aka The VIP Guest Speaker

From Washington to Tokyo. From The City of London to the Seychelles from Mumbai to Shanghai...

Over the years, many high-flying multinationals have flown Malcolm around the world to perform specially for them and their guests at some of the most prestigious and high-level corporate events.

Utilising his unique ability to process information, Malcolm presents himself as either a high-powered executive or a special guest speaker in the field, and uses both his magnetic personality and a carefully prepared an memorized script to draw the room’s attention to the stage. In this way Malcolm has performed throughout the world with a simple but brilliantly-choreographed performance.

Taking his place at an event, Malcolm can maintain a dignified role, completely in the background. Then, he can take his spot at the head of the table and start to churn out a dry, serious speech (but in reality merely a bullet-pointed, off the cuff spiel). It is only after a minute or two, when your VIP suggests a few sweeping changes are in order that interest really starts to pick up on what he has been saying.

From then on, the games can really begin – slowly bringing in anecdotes about new colleagues and "old acquaintances", making hilarious suggestions about the competition, or directing new markets to conquer...

As ever the choice of information, and of people to join in is under your control.

Malcolm has wowed high profile executives with his performances over the years. With several repeat bookings, they realise that Malcolm is a performer they can trust to put into any sort of situation: be it a small informal party or a large high profile and important convention.

Malcolm has enjoyed many years of performing for blue-chip clients at the highest boardroom level (which speaks volumes of Malcolm's Professionalism, Attention to Detail, Care, and Empathy towards your particular situation) and furthermore his understanding of his role within any event – many times a vital and sensitive role with which he has been entrusted, and sworn to the highest level of secrecy and confidentiality – has ensured tact and diplomacy have reigned throughout Malcolm's long and illustrious career.

For more info or to discuss a booking please contact Malcolm by calling
07958 358 279 or by emailing