The Awards Ceremony
Special Awards and Lifetime Achievements.

Malcolm is often used in this capacity to host and present awards – forming a blend of the real and the hilarious - bringing various guests into the spotlight: be it for some well-deserved recognition, some playful prizes or “awards”, add a sprinkling of one-liners or a heartwarming in-joke or two and you have the recipe for

In direct consultation with the client, we can discover who is going to be a good sport, or in on the whole hilarious evening, and together we can decide on the best tools and prizes to be handed out. For instance, a lost golf club or a notorious/favourite jumper, or maybe an anecdote about that trip to Florida – together we can weave a magical and unique evening that everyone will remember for a very long time.

Malcolm can be the glue that holds the entire function together, making announcements, keeping the event flowing, going round the table to perform vignette, close-up entertainment or arranging separate magicians and entertainers to keep the evening flowing freely and ensuring that everyone feels involved in proceedings, ensuring that the different sections of the dinner or function go smoothly and hilariously.

Remember, The Awards Dinner can be as playful as you like!

Alternatively, there may be an event that can also serve as a thank-you for:

  • Long and distinguished service,
  • Retirement dinner,
  • Special Thanks to a loyal member of staff, or Office of the Year

We can help put together a small “thank you” for these well-deserving members of staff, bolstering morale while keeping everyone entertained and involved with proceedings: being perhaps a short part of the evening’s events or a reason for the event in the first place – a reward for a specific department or regional office…

In a more informal, private setting, “The Awards Ceremony” has been used at private functions to form part of a special surprise thank-you or a congratulations on an anniversary or birthday!

For more info or to discuss a booking please contact Malcolm by calling 07958 358 279 or by emailing