The Stranger
Aka Mindpower Memory

A Stranger joins you at your Dinner Party...

"Who is he?"

He might be a friend from the distant past that you can't quite place. He could be the new Chief Executive of your largest client, whom no one has ever met until now. He knows everyone at the dinner, and reveals hilarious anecdotes about them all during a masterful after dinner speech. The effect is astounding. The tables are left buzzing with excitement and amazement.

How much does this man know? Where does he get his information? And how many more surprises does he have in store?!

It is only when objects begin to disappear, and jewellery catches fire - and quite suddenly, you're beginning to laugh, more than you have laughed for a very long time - that you realise that you are in the hands of one of the most dynamic and versatile performers in Britain today.

His name is Malcolm Milton, and his vast experience in performing for a myriad of multinational companies throughout the globe bears testament to the strength of his unique combination of skills. His unique charm and warmth of personality ensures that everyone present feels relaxed and comfortable - which, coupled with his amazing Memory, makes him such a highly prized and sought after performer for Corporate and Private events alike.

Malcolm has remembered the names and relevant information for up to 200 people beforehand, and used it to hilarious effect in a highly powered, personalised performance that has left people speechless afterwards. He has also worked with audiences as small as 10 and up to theatres of 600 or more, ensuring that everyone present feels part of the same, warm experience.

Every show is tailored to suit the specific occasion - from strictly formal and upmarket affairs to private birthday bashes - running the whole gamut of disguises and ruses: A new Company Appointment who promises some startling changes in the running of certain departments.

The Waiter who, it transpires, went to school or holiday with some of your guests and used to work with or live next to the rest.

The VIP sent along by your biggest customer…

Malcolm has proved himself time and time again to be the consummate performer for every occasion. Whether your requirements are large or small, lively and entertaining or refined and subtle - a minimum of information is all that is needed in order for Malcolm to be perfect foil for your function.

For more info or to discuss a booking please contact Malcolm by calling 07958 358 279 or by emailing