Deep Undercover

Malcolm is regularly asked to "go deep" and play out his guise for the entire function, many times keeping in character all day – as a business troubleshooter, or an expert in offshore oil-drilling... leading up to the evening's exposition – even for the whole weekend!

Malcolm's ability to store information and, most importantly of all, display the gravitas of the character, or slip subtly into the situation, gives you the opportunity to really build a performance that will be remembered by your guests for a very, very long time!

A US senator, complete with motorcade was perhaps the most spectacular example of a complete characterisation, but the world is your oyster – from a simple guise to an intricate back story...

Please click on the links to show a couple of "real-life" examples of the kind of personae Malcolm has been asked to perform all over the world!

Sir Richard Brabington – press release info for multi-national product launch

John Matthews – part of mock website designed especially for the function.

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