What Does He Do?

Malcolm's unique talents have been harnessed by many different clients, at functions both large and small. Using a bespoke blend of various aspects of Malcolm’s skills, Malcolm can hold an audience in rapture. We tailor-make the performance to best fit the venue. With over twenty years of experience, Milton Presentations has created unique nights of entertainment that have left guests and event organisers speechless. These items are used in combination to create a unique performance specific to your function:

The Big Speech aka The VIP Guest Speaker – special guests and grand disguises – Malcolm's ability to remain in as serious a character as a US Senator, or even a visiting (foreign) CEO, waiting for the final moment to blow the audience away with an hilarious, specially-written "speech" which soon evolves into a quick-shooting name-drop and one-liners that leaves the audience in stitches.

The Stranger aka Mindpower Memory – the classic “Memory Act” - the unique and internationally-renowned performance that has wowed audiences all over the world, capturing their imagination with a real and totally original “how did he do that?” moment in people’s lives.

The Awards Dinner – Special Awards and Lifetime Achievements. A fantastic after-dinner, end-of-conference centre piece that will leave delegates or guests smiling, building an evening’s entertainment out of the awarding humorous prizes and special lifetime achievement/best/most/ employee type awards – great for teambuilding and creating an esprit de corps among staff and regional departments.

Compere –Malcolm’s naturally affable personality ensuring your event goes off seamlessly and enjoyably with Malcolm at the helm. His naturally affable personality keeping everyone entertained and the function starting and finishing on time!

Ice-breaking and Vignette Memory – A low-profile, close-up or drinks party scenario - Utilising Malcolm’s amazing capabilities and memorizing skills, our clientbase use Malcolm to act as a ‘guest liaison’, or ‘professional host’, keeping your guests happy and helping to introduce people to each other and put them at their ease. Perfect for functions where your guests or conference-goers may work out of different offices.

Mix & Mingle – Close-up, table to table. An intimate and subtle use of Malcolm’s skills, keeping the ice broken and keeping your guests entertained.

Magic – Malcolm’s background as a long-time member of the Magic Circle, where he honed his skills performing at functions both large and small, both private and corporate, knowing exactly how and when to use his blend of skills and artistry to create the best performance on the evening.

This unique blend of skills provides clients with an endlessly diverse number of roles which Malcolm can fulfil: from teambuilding exercises at weekend conferences, to great central cabaret, to the more traditional after-dinner entertainment.

Whether playing it straight in seminars, or ensuring an event finishes on a high, Malcolm has proven himself to be the perfect tool for corporate functions both large and small. Every function is approached and built from scratch, out of a selection of base modules. The addition of any number of equally unique professionals can ensure that your evening’s entertainment becomes talked about for years to come!

Each performance is carefully crafted and put together in discussion with the client, to ensure maximum entertainment and enjoyment is released. This is not an exhaustible list by any stretch of the imagination, so if there is any specific event which we can talk through with you, please do not hesitate to contact us directly – even just to see just what we might be capable of.

For more info or to discuss a booking please contact Malcolm by calling
07958 358 279 or by emailing malcolm@malcolmmilton.com